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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rosette & Pizza

It was NZ Safety at Home week last week. As part of the entertainment/education at work there was a colouring competition for 5 different age groups. Yesterday we decided we needed rosettes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners to go with their (incredibly cool) prizes. The commercial ones were going to take 4 weeks to get to us, so I surfed the net and put up my hand. I had great fun, apart from a couple of stabs with the needle, oh and I'd forgotten just how hot the hot glue gun makes the glue :-)
Hopefully the kids will like them. And fingers crossed for Andrew's entry the adults prize is very fab!. He used fabric and made a collage. It's judging day tomorrow. I think his is the best one there, but I may be slightly biased lol!

I just put this in my Etsy shop with the description as "Red and green can never be seen, except upon a beauty queen" which was a saying I learnt from our mam, and it had another version, "Red and green can never be seen, except upon an Irish queen" I have no idea where they come from....

Andrew thinks it looks like tomatoes and capsicum, or maybe a pizza..... I wonder if that would make it a big seller ? ? ?
Maybe uniform for a pizza delivery firm ? ? ? :-)