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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bobbles for beads

Today is all about the crochet, (apart from the bit about the weather and the cats)

Crochet Art: I’ve put this on hold for a bit. I need to think about what to do with the background. I crocheted some flowers and glued them onto canvas. It hasn’t quite given the look that I was expecting and yes, I was a little disappointed that the idea didn’t look fantastic at the first go, hence it’s ‘on hold’. I’m enlisting Andrew’s help next. He has loads of cool buttons so we thought maybe some kind of crochet and button collage. It all seems a bit hard right now, so maybe a project for a future day :-)

Last night I discovered bobbles.
I made lots of bobbles and filled them with hobby fill, I crocheted a chain and voila, a necklace :-) So far I’ve made 3, a purple one (next door) pink one & and reddish one (down there). I’m perfecting them as I go. I think bobbles could make good beads, and I did try with the usual crochet bead necklace technique and it didn’t quite work, I found crocheting them into the chain worked best, something to think about though. I wore the purple one to work today and got lots of positive comments

Head and Fluffy.
It seems that Head isn’t the only neighbourhood cat that we are feeding. Fluffy is the other one, and we do believe he is the main culprit!
We’re trying to catch him and our landlord has almost caught him a couple of times. We both have the same tactic; lock the cat flap so once he’s in and is scoffing his face, we grab him when he makes a run for the cat flap and because it’s locked he can’t get back out. Simple eh? Except he knows! He stands outside and flips the cat flap a few times to make sure it’s going to open again before he comes in. Sneaky!

Fabulous weather!
We’re loving the blue sky and sun. It’s pretty chilly at night, nowhere near how cold it has been, and the cottage is getting lovely and warm during the day. We both have Friday off and are hoping that this lovely blue sky hangs around. The weathermen/people have a very different idea they reckon that showers will start tomorrow and carry on through the weekend. Andrew and I are banking on them getting it wrong, which seems to happen quite a bit, my theory is that it’s because the islands are so thin, (I don’t know exactly why that would matter it just seems important)

My next etsyhooker is away from her shop for a day or so, she’ll be back on Wednesday.
Sometimes the time zone thing does my head in, my Wednesday is nearly finished and she is in America so I think her Wednesday means my Thursday, and I left her a note to say I’d put her in my Wednesday post, so I wonder when that is? Anyway I’ll pop by in the next day or two and introduce you all. And if you can’t wait and your Wednesday is her Wednesday check her out here: