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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Introducing Sam and three other happy things

On Sunday at the Arts and Craft market I met a fellow etsy seller. It was really cool. I read on the etsy forums about teams all meeting up and people in the same area getting together and I have been a little bit jealous. There seems so few of us in NZ that to actually meet someone else doing the same sort of thing gave me a real buzz. I doubt if it was such a highlight for her though :-)
Today I made my 2nd sale on etsy. It's so exciting to send my things to other countries. That someone has seen something that I've made and want to buy it... I've been grinning all day!
Andrew won a prize in the colouring competition. His fabric collage came 2nd. Hurray!
Introducing another etsy hooker team member www.samscrochet.etsy.com
Sam is having a special sale on the 24th September, plus there 20% her hats for September!

Sam also has some really fantastic bags which are very reasonably priced!