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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hookers & Lamps

Another Tuesday has passed and we're almost in the middle of the working week! I've been inspired today by other Etsy people. A few people use their blogs to promote other etsy shops, how cool is that! So I thought I'd start with my team. I am a member of the Etsy Hookers Team. It sounds way much more racy than it is! Crocheting people use hooks. (sorry, bit of a let down there eh :-) ) http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_type=tag_title&search_query=etsyhookers+teamThey are a great group that are so good at promoting each other. The majority of them are in a different time zone from me so I've been a bit slack being a member, and I thought I could make up for it here! I'm going to ask them if they mind me picking on them every so often and popping them on here, especially if they do things I have no patience, inclination or skill to do. Watch this space...

In the bio thing I mentioned that we enjoy shopping in thrift & op shops. As a consequence we seem to have accumulated more than the usual number of lamps, and lamp shades. Here are 2 of my favourite lampshade re-dressings.
Re-dressing lampshades is one of the few other creative outlets that can make me put down the crochet hook.
I'm working on an idea at the moment to see if I can do more
of it..... lets see if it comes to fruition

I can't take any credit for the ideas, the flowers one was inspired by a NZ artist who had an exhibition at our local art gallery and the orange pavlova was semi-insipired by a shopping trip in York, England