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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Green & Team

Here is the first promo for one of my fellow etsy hookers team shops:

I was gobsmacked when I initially saw this, what a brill idea!

Help to keep your fruit free from bruising in your lunchbox with one of these fab fruit cosies.
It would make a great pressie or talking point in the lunchroom :-)

You'll find them in loads of different colours with heaps more other neat things at http://www.UnravelMe.etsy.com/ and I've noticed that there is an offer of free world wide shipping for a limited time at the moment too!

In Home New Zealand magazine this month there is a very expensive piece of artwork that is crocheted, crocheting is en vogue :-) Maybe I should frame a scarf! Fingers crossed that everyone who reads that magazine comes to the market on Sunday!

I'm playing with beads again at the moment and have made this bracelet/hand jewelry mainly out of beads that were on a broken a napkin ring, and the others to break up the colour a bit. I like the matt finish.

Hmmm, that artwork has got me thinking........