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Monday, 7 September 2009

The Netherlands

Happy Monday!

We're having lovely spring weather at the moment, I even got a bit rosy cheeked yesterday when I fell asleep in the sun. We had a lovely picnic by the harbour after the market, which paid it's way and a bit more, which is always great :-) I get such a buzz when complete strangers buy my creations!

A bit of a coincidence today. I was telling the complete stranger how I learnt to make my crocheted necklaces, at the same time my friend was e-mailing me, the first etsyhooker was saying yes to be on my blog, and I took the pictures of the Tui to send to my friends dad. And the connection? The Netherlands! My friend is from there, her mum from there showed me how to do the necklaces, I took the photos for her dad who lives there and the first etsyhooker is from there. If we were having carrots for tea it'd be a full house!

And so to the pictures.....

A new crocheted necklace from me, and look at these amazing items from LeChatCrochet on Etsy