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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hand Made what a Doll

I had one of my favourite tea cosies chosen for a gift guide on the Handmade Highway http://www.handmadehighway.blogspot.com/ it's called Black Forest because it reminds me of a gateaux :-)

Anyway I've ended my creative mudbath and picked up a hook and some yarn and now I'm in the middle of trying to create a different kind of doll than I've made before. I've got it's main body (it's a frock) now I'm trying for the shoulders, neck, head and arms. I've unravelled it 4 times so far :-) I'm hoping that tonight is going to be the break through!

Since I started on etsy and more recently on artfire I've noticed myself leaning towards buying hand made products rather than mass produced.
First off
they are usually unique items and no one else will have one and the things I have bought have had so many comments.
I love creating and am so honoured when others buy my creations that I think that other people that make hand made stuff feel the same, and I love how it makes me feel so I want to spread that joy There are heaps of amazing soap makers on etsy and one day I will try them all, in the mean time at the end of my road (the one in the picture up there) there is a shop that sells handmade soap that I never ever had thought to buy from before and now it's all we use. Doing what I'm doing has made me look at hand made products with new eyes.