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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

An Interview

So, Gill, you've had three weeks away from home, living in a motel room with a suitcase half full of yarn. What have you made??
I’ve made some really cutesy green cotton lacey fingerless mittens which I trimmed with some pretty vintage lace and some frayed pretty green cotton
Then I made a couple of pairs of granny square mittens which I also trimmed with some lovely vintage lace

Where have you got this lovely vintage lace from?
We love it when friends have clean outs and get rid of all their old bits and bobs..... Scroungers? I don't know what you're talking about, is that a shop?

What’s the next crochet project?
My idea for the next couple of nights is to crochet some cycling gloves with lots of big flowers on them for the cycling trip.
I made a start last night and the night before and the night before that too, and then undid them because I couldn’t see how they might look in my head. The picture is too woolly (ha ha ha!) so today I’m looking over pictures to try and solidify it.

Where do you look to see these pictures?
As well as google images I also have a couple of fav places on the internet to look at:


So Gill, there's one more week to go.... do you think you might go insane?
Hmmmm, I've heard it's not far away, however I've had a few trips out and about, (some places twice) so I think I might just hang out in my motel room now with all this lovely yarn and crochet a lariat

Is lariat another name for a noose?