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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Scarves from the Seventh State

In a pub somewhere in the north of England approximately 25 years ago…..
“I hear that you’re emigrating to New Zealand. You must be flying to Sydney then, it’s just over the Sydney Harbour Bridge isn’t it?”

Geographically challenged or a soothsayer?
Today on the news there is talk about New Zealand becoming the 7th state of Australia.

It’d be an interesting process that’s for sure….
For example: When Australia claim New Zealanders as one of their own (Phar Lap/Crowded House/Pacifier/Russell Crowe to name a couple) there is such an uproar.
Imagine having to sit back agree that they are Aussies?

The comments on
this article should make for an entertaining read.

Freeform crochet scarves from the potential 7th State might look a bit like this :-)