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Friday, 23 July 2010

Day Walkers and Night Walkers

Getting back into my etsybloggers groove here is the featured blogger for the month of July:

There are 2 shops to browse through and I've named this post day walkers and night walkers because one the shops is Twighlight inspired and the other has fab photos (in the daytime)

http://sykin.etsy.com/ & http://nwwonders.etsy.com/

My sister and someof my friends are Twighlight addicts, I have yet to discover this delight, so my favourite is in the other shop :-), it reminds me of New Zealand beaches and conjures up all sorts of ideas of what to do with the drift wood :-)

There is also a very cool blog to compliment the shops and to learn about other Etsy shops which can be found here http://sykin-at-etsy.blogspot.com/