"Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable, let's prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all" Douglas Adams

Thursday, 12 November 2009


We don’t really have much traffic apart for the holiday season.
Tauranga is a city, and to become a city in New Zealand means that 20,000 people or more live there. Which in comparison to many cities around the world we are pretty small. I usually give myself 20 minutes to get anywhere in town and 30 minutes when I think it might be busy. So I don’t have much sitting in traffic time.

On November 1st using cell phones in a car had become illegal. This has posed a wee problem for me, I’ve been used to using that 20 minutes or so to catch up with friends or check with Andrew what I might need to pick up on the way home.
We are a week into the new law and I’ve found that crochet is pretty hard to do whilst moving, however is not too bad if I get a red traffic light, I've also found that the CD’s I have popped in my stacker are okay for now and then and not quite entertaining enough for 20 minutes in a row. Last week I had an audio book in my CD stacker, I’m unsure if it was a good thing or not…. the actual story was great, I couldn’t really tell you what happened on the way to work though, and I also was late starting a couple of times because I wanted to catch the end of the chapter!

I did get to make this new addition to my ArtFire shop whilst at traffic lights over 3 days this week …..

What do you do to entertain yourself in the car if you’re the one driving and you’re not allowed to be on the phone??