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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sewing Adventures in a Cyclone

Eager to begin my Tiramisu frock, I braved the beginning of Cyclone Lusi and took myself off to Otara and The Best Fabric Outlet Shop in Auckland

Fantastically helpful.  The chap there let me know if the material I had chosen was one that the pattern recommended and also helped me to pick the right interfacing, (which I learnt had to be stretchy to match the fabric).

Feeling comfortable with his acceptance of my ignorance I even asked him to show me what the selvage was, and he didn't bat an eyelid at how little I knew. 

His disclaimer for helping me so much: If it didn't work out right don't blame the guy at the fabric shop!  I assured him that if it didn't work out right it'd be the sewing machines fault, so that's fine.

I might try cutting it out tomorrow......