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Sunday, 16 March 2014

I Made A Frock!!

Totally amazing, well done me :-)
Might have noticed I'm feeling a bit chuffed with myself.
I won't tell you it was easy, and I can't pretend its been done correctly,  the facts are though, that it looks like a frock and almost fits right :-D

Sewing Cake.com had great tutorials. The hardest bit was the edging around the neck, probably not helped because I'd cut it out the wrong way around, which I could have fixed, except I'd sewn the blumin thing on about 5 times because my thread kept breaking (I also learnt there is a right and a wrong way to change a needle)

So I think this was my prototype. The material was $4 a metre so I'm quite happy for this to be a wear around the house frock.  I will take what I've learned and make one that can be worn out in public with pride.

Also, next time I won't choose a rib, it was so hard to cut out and it wriggled constantly when I was sewing.

Now back to the crochet.....