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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Flowers & Scrumbles

This morning I was packing my bag for a weekend of wedding meriment in Wellington after a brief stop off for work in Napier.  Once I'd decided on the wedding outfit (I'm still unsure..) next was deciding how much yarn to take and which project to work on for the weekend.  I also added an extra ball of purple acrylic to make flowers. 

Over the past year, whenever I've been on a plane or in the departure lounge I sit and crochet flowers and give them to my fellow passengers.   As I picked the yarn I thought I'd share this wee thing I do because I really get a kick out of the smiles I see when I give them away, it feels good :-D

HerHook's influence is all over this
except it's like we're yarn bombing people instead of things!  

The freeform crochet is coming along -  I have found that it looks better on certain days. It's in 3 bits (called scrumbles) at the moment. We get to join them later on, or, when we feel like it.  This is the biggest bit/scrumble on a good day. 

Adding a piece of cloth and learning how to crochet around it, and adding something that wasn't anything to do with crocheting or sewing  has been the highlight so far, even though it meant lots of needle holes in my fingers.