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Sunday, 27 February 2011

What to do?

Watching the news and feeling helpless 
I donated my spare cash to the Red Cross

Some lovely ladies have set up a TradeMe account to auction off crafts so I've sent them all the berets I had left
Felt.co.nz are talking about setting up FeltAid again to raise money, however with them based in Christchurch it's been hard for them to organise, and so they've suggested we label things in our shop with FeltAid in the mean time. I've recently popped 3 pairs of fingerless mittens in the shop which I've labelled FeltAid, which means that all proceeds go the the NZ Red Cross.
Heck I'd give all of everything I've ever made to help, though I think there is only so much crochet New Zealand can take at one time!