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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Holidaying in the South

We had a week in the South Island last week. Amazing!

NZ Fur Seal on Farewell Spit
We went to the southern most point of the New Zealand and the northern most point of the South Island. 
We saw the cleanest water spring in the whole world bubbling from the deepest spring in Australasia, the deepest lake and the longest suspension bridge in New Zealand, a 140 billion year old petrified forest and a beach of gem stones.  
We drove on one of the largest sand-spits in the world, where we saw fur seals, whales and birds from Siberia.

Purakaunui Falls in The Catlins

The most photographed Waterfalls in NZ
Seeing such amazing things is a great reminder that New Zealand is a beautiful country of amazing contrasts