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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wrapping a Plunger

I've been wrapping the coffee plunger

Before Christmas I bought some posh yarn that was lengths of different yarns all put together.  It was on sale and even then was pretty expensive, so on Monday I realised that I had lots of posh yarn in my stash,so I could make lengths, join then together and make my own fancy yarn... and voila!  I now have 6 big balls of posh yarns all for free! (Well not really free because I did buy them at some point...) 

The coffee pot wraps are like a tie - fat at one end and and skinny at the other, and wraps around the plunger and the skinny end tucks in kind of like a tie or scarf 

I've given the pink one to the Australian Flood Relief shop on Etsy, who are raising money for the poor Australians caught up in all of the floods.