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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lessons learnt from a cycling holiday

The Otago Rail Trail has fabulous scenery and is almost impossible to catch on camera, even more so if you don’t get off your bike first

When crocheting flower chokers for all of the ladies (9) on the tour whilst on the bus, try not to get too detailed, it takes forever, the shoulders and neck suffer and you will feel queasy going around corners

After the first 70 km’s it’s easy to believe that the seat has no padding, don’t believe this and leave the bike out in the rain over night, that seat is really a sponge

The heel of the hand is the place that takes most of the pressure so when making your own cycling gloves put reinforcement on that bit

When you are the youngest on the tour it can be a little embarrassing to be the last to arrive, do lots of practice

It is a fantastic achievement, totally breathtaking and I highly recommend it!