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Friday, 13 August 2010

Books and Movies in a Carnival

Howdy Doody - It's a blog carnival time
the subjects:

1. It's back to school time...How are you preparing to get the kids or yourself back to school?
2. What was your favorite BOOK, MOVIE or GETAWAY SPOT over the summer?...

1 = no kids = no school, me working (also = no school)
2 = no summer!

So anywaysup reading and watching watching movies are 2 of my fav things to do along with crocheting.... and luckily you can do this in winter too :-)

We've loved watching the MidSummer Murders on DVD on a Sunday afternoon when it's pouring down outside and the fire is blazing (we get these in box sets from the library for a couple of dollars for the week) fabulous murder mysteries from the British countryside. And of course anything with Audrey in it is brill!

I love most books - and this winter I've discovered audio books and I've been listening to anything by James Patterson on the way to and from work (40 mins each way means a book in a week and a bit) again, thanks local Pukekohe Library :-)

My fav author also had a new book out which I love and tried to eeeeeeeek out and then I got all excited and finished it dead quick :-)