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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hooks are flying!

I've been popping about the country quite a bit recently, and that means time spent at airports and on the plane is extra crocheting time :-)

I've finished 3 more shawls for the Felt Shop plus two shawls and a blanket that were asked for, as well as the usual couple of dozen hearts to be hung from random trees for Valentines Day (oorrrrrrr).

3 shawls in the Felt Shop
Now for something new.  
I'm attempting a cardigan.  
So far I've pulled it apart four times, tried 3 different patterns and now I'm winging it.  It's based loosely on a pattern from my 70's Family Crochet Book, I'm saying loosely because after I'd finished the back I realised the stitch pattern was all wrong and the pattern I'm 'kind of not really' following is for a jumper not a cardi....

The yarn is lovely it's a very fine mohair and silk mix, I'm also aware that it may expand quite a bit when it's blocked so I'm really trying not to add extra stitches or it'll end up being a very holey coat for someone like Hagrid!

More flying this week, so I might get it finished by next weekend.  I have high hopes :-)