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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Bunting

I love fabric, and I'd love to be able to do amazing things with it, and after the various failed experiments I really should know that it's really not my thing - and yet I still can't resist....

Bunting. Surely even I can cut out some triangles and sew them on some bias tape?

Things I learned. 
I bough the wrong width bias tape - the fatter stuff would have been easier so I could  fold it over the top of the triangles - in the end I had to sew 2 lots together.

It really does pay to take time cutting out the triangles so they are all the same size (it's not only my sewing skills that need to be improved)

Putting your foot down on the sewing machine and closing your eyes can sometimes make a straighter line than if you look.

And a mere 4 hours and (not too much stress) later we have 10 meters of Christmas bunting to decorate with :-)

Luckily for my mediocre sewing skills, bunting is usually not close enough for anyone to see the mistakes